Fetishes, Jewelry, Sex Toys, Wearable Body Art and Sculpture


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Not About Normal is the place where you can find fetishes, erotic, sexy, out of the ordinary and provocative pieces of wearable art and sculpture.

Each piece is a casting made from high quality silicone rubber moulds taken directly from real people’s bodies.

I cast and manipulate these body parts into bracelets, belt buckles, jewelry, wearable art, sex toys and whatever you can imagine.

I work mostly in cast urethane plastic. I add colour & metal powders to create special effects and metallic finishes. If you would like any piece created in sterling silver, gold, please ask.

I pride myself on doing special orders and will be happy to work with you for large and small custom projects. If you would like to do some modeling, please get in touch with me. I’m always looking for beautiful bits and pieces...

Member Association of Lifecasters International Member Association of Lifecasters International


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