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Howard at work


About Me

I am a master mouldmaker and caster. I have thirty years of real world experience in the field of art & architectural conservation and preservation. I have been making moulds and casting large and small objects in traditional and modern methods and materials.

A few years ago at the invitation of a Goth friend, I started making moulds of torsos and body parts and casting them into wearable art, jewelry, fantasy armour, fetishes, and sex toys. I work in silicone rubbers, hard and flexible urethane plastic, cast stone and plaster. All of my pieces can be cast in brass, bronze, gold, or silver as special orders.

I love using my traditional skills to do the non traditional and out of the ordinary. I am exploring creative ways to mould, manipulate, and cast the human body and everyday objects into one-of-a-kind pieces to be worn, displayed, and admired as art.

I am interested in exploring what is erotic, fantastic, provocative, out of the ordinary, and downright sexy. I have been taking pieces of the human body and making them into things that would not normally be worn as a bracelet, necklace, earring, or belt buckle for public and private wear.

I also design and fabricate a contemporary line that is based on everyday objects such as cookies, hardware, zippers, insignia, words, geometrics, foreign language, etc.

All of my pieces are hand cast, one at a time. I do not mass produce my items by the injection process in stainless steel moulds. Each piece is unique and has a character of its own. In many instances, they have been made to order to suit the taste of my clients.

I’m interested in collaborating on works with clients & models that have special requests, inspiration, or requirements. I want to use my skills to create objects that are “ Not About Normal”!

The site and the items I offer are constantly expanding. If you don’t see something, please ask. Many items I’m making are very private and are not shown. I safeguard the privacy of my clients and models. I will never divulge names or identities without specific written permission to do so.


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