Fetishes, Jewelry, Sex Toys, Wearable Body Art and Sculpture


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Howard at work



My studio is located in an old factory building in centre city Philadelphia. Easy access from all major highways, bridges, train, bus stations, and airport.

Please feel free to contact me at my studio throughout the working day at (215) 765-1555. If I am working with a client or on a project you will get my answering machine. Do leave a message. I will ring you back promptly.

E-mail me if you would like to make a special purchase, discuss a custom order, and have questions, requests, comments, etc. at H@NotAboutNormal.com

I also maintain extensive galleries on facebook and tumblr. Purchases may be made directly from my Etsy page or by clicking on the MyEtsy logo on my facebook page.

Please stop by to view my latest concepts and designs and to "like", subscribe, and follow me and my pages.

I check my messages throughout the day and will send you a reply.

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