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Member Association of Lifecasters International Member Association of Lifecasters International

A sampler of "candybar" sized nipple beltbuckles
. Many colours and metallic finshes available.

Silver-Green Candybar Nipple Bracelet,

Gold Frosted Translucent Candybar Nipple bracelet,

Navel Beltbuckle in Red-Bronze finish, $45.

Red Translucent Candybar Nipple Beltbuckle
, $50

Navel Beltbuckle in Statuary Green_Bronze
, $45

Large Candybar Nipple Belt buckle in White Gold finish,

Large Candybar Nipple Bracelet in Bronze finishe, $45

Custom Skinny Navel Belt buckle made to fit your belt, available in all colours/metallic finshes, $75.
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